April Top 5

Hi everybody, with the deadline fast approaching for the most comprehensive changes to data protection rules in 20 years, we thought it would be helpful for everybody to show you one of the best ways you can start topping up your lists after the new GDPR regulations have kicked in. We’ve also included a free way to add live chat support to your business website along with some additional useful resources. We hope you find it all helpful, and if you want to talk about any of it reach out in the usual way.

How to Build Your First Email List From Scratch

Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is not dead. It’s actually still one of the best ways to get people excited and engaged with your brand. Email marketing also offers huge ROI potential and can effectively generate leads and drive conversions. Use these email marketing best practices to build a list. – Click here.

email marketing best practices

How to Add Facebook Customer Chat to Your Website

You may not realise this but Facebook Messenger can also be used for live customer support on your website. Visitors will be able to have live conversations with a human, leave a message or even interact with your messenger bot. Here’s how you can quickly setup live customer support. – Click here.

facebook messenger app

The 27 Best Free Fonts You Can Download

Finding free images and stylish fonts for your design projects can be a major time waster, and finding free fonts can be even more hassle. So we’ve scoured the depths of the internet so you don’t have to, coming up with 27 of the best free fonts you deserve to have on your computer. – Click here

download fonts

20+ Best Microsoft Word Brochure Templates

Whether you are working on a brochure for your business, a case study, report or a project proposal, having a template to work from can enhance your work flow and save you hours of time. For 20 professionally designed brochure templates compatible with Microsoft Word – Click here.

brochure templates

20 Amazing Instagram Statistics Small Business Owners MUST See

For small businesses, utilising Instagram provides cost-effective opportunities to resonate with target audiences, reach new customers and grow their brand. Still not convinced? The check out the following 20 Instagram statistics that every small business owner should be aware of. – Click here.

instagram statistics

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