August Top 5


Hi everybody, this month we’ve included a real mix of topics for your last minute holiday reading. From long experience we know clients spend an awful lot of time on their sun-beds planning their next business moves. So, to help you get back on track with your marketing efforts we’ve included everything from video content creation and proofreading to email marketing, video ads and direct mail. We hope you find it helpful, and if you want to talk about any of it reach out in the usual way.

How to Convert Your Blog Posts Into Videos

If you’re looking for a super easy way to create great video content, how about repurposing the best blog posts on your website. Here are two types of video content you can create from your blog posts and share on social media channels. – Click here.

content marketing ideas

9 Powerful Tools That Will Proofread Your Content For You

Words are a powerful resource when it comes to SEO and engaging with website visitors and converting them into customers. However, they lose all their power when they aren’t used correctly. A single typo or error can make all the difference. – Click here.  

proofreading tools

4 Easy-to-Implement Tactics to Increase Your Newsletter Subscribers (FAST)

If you’re remotely interested in growing a business with staying power, building an email list is a wise thing to do. The problem is that it can be quite puzzling for both Internet marketing newbies and veterans. Here are 4 ridiculously easy to implement tactics.  – Click here  

email marketing best practices

4 Tools For Creating Facebook Video Ads

Facebook video ads have caught my attention. Have they caught yours yet? Attracting audiences to your organic and paid media is becoming harder and harder. Utilising video ads can give you the extra oomph you need with your campaigns. – Click here.  

facebook tools

How and When to Use Direct Mail as Part of Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Direct mail regularly gets a bad rap as an exclusively outbound-focused tactic that doesn’t keep up with the ways buyers want to consume content. However, the key to doing direct mail right is in keeping it aligned with your inbound marketing funnel. – Click here.  

direct mail marketing

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