We Did:

Fixed several on-site issues and introduced a regularly updated blog. Implemented in-depth demographic research and content creation sourcing along with a daily regimented plan of social engagement.

Betteridges – Social Media case study

Betteridges Solicitors are a leading law firm based in Hertfordshire who specialise in a wide range of issues relating to family law. Having formed in 1994 Betteridges made impressive headway offline and wanted to replicate the same results on the internet. This included gaining greater visibility in the search engines along with increased brand awareness across all the main social networks.

The Solution

Our team began by fixing several on-site issues and introducing a regularly updated blog with high quality content to gain traction in the search engines. We then built a strong and engaging social media presence on all the major social networks. To do this we implemented in-depth demographic research along with detailed audience gathering, content creation and used relevant content sources.

The Result

Through careful on-site and off-site management including consistent daily interactions with potential clients on the different social networks and regularly updated streams with fresh content, Betteridge’s website and social media traffic increased significantly. They were delighted with the results and we were informed that we had also provided them with a more exclusive and engaged clientele.

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