December Top 5

Welcome to the Flycast top five for December where we investigate being productive while you sleep, sending dramatically better emails as well as growing your list, how to improve the return on investment of your content and if your homepage really is helping or hindering your efforts?

13 Ways to Be Productive When You Sleep & Wake Up

For better or for worse, we’re always looking for new ways to do more, and do it faster. What can we knock off the day’s to-do list during our commute? What music should we listen to at work to make us work smarter? What foods should we eat to stimulate brain activity? Here are 13 hacks for optimizing that valuable, underutilised time.


40 Tips for Dramatically Better Emails

When it comes right down to it, email marketing is all about getting the basics right. So we’ve added 40 suggestions to help you optimise your email marketing. The tips are drawn from personal experience as well as customer’s campaigns, and many of the best one’s have at least 5 or more of the outlined suggestions.


4 Quick Solutions that Spawn Radical Email List Growth

Since readers are increasingly cautious about giving up their email addresses, you need to build trust and put in the extra effort to turn casual readers into email subscribers. Tactical improvements done to your site can be performed in under five minutes and radically spawn email list growth.


Want 15x ROI? Create Content to Retain Clients

Smart brands understand that it costs much less to retain a customer (in marketing speak, this is known as the LTV or Customer Lifetime Value) than it does to acquire a new one (customer acquisition cost or CAC). In fact, a mature customer retention policy is not just money saved, but money earned – click here


The Real Role Your Homepage Plays In The Conversion Process

A startup buddy of mine loves to redesign his homepage every couple of months (spent almost 100 hours on it in the last three months alone). If something takes that long to finish, it must be worth it…right?

Find out “if a homepage redesign is worth it” and the role your homepage plays in your customer’s journey to conversion, what essential elements you need to include on your homepage and how to go about testing your homepage conversion rate.


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