February Top 5

Welcome to the Second Flycast top five of the year. This month we look into the seven most easy strategies for SEO, the ultimate guide to hashtags, 8 things you must do before launching your business, how to begin your first social media competition, and mobile or make it on and what it means for your old website. Take some action now.

7 Easy SEO strategies to implement in 2015

SEO seems like a dark art, and some aspects of it are challenging, but YOU can make a big difference to your website’s traffic by just doing a few easy things yourself. This guide from our friends over at The Next Web will see you right.


The Ultimate Guide to Hashtags

People constantly ask us what ‘hashtags’ are for (and how to use them). You see them everywhere and they can really increase your web traffic. Neil Patel gives you the easiest guide ever here.


8 Things to do before launching a business this year.

From choosing your brand, to business networking, there are some key things to get right. We love the simple advice here from Mashable, if you are in the process of setting up it will really help.


 A Beginners guide to social media competitions.

A fun and stimulating way to build brand interaction, and also to grow your followers, likes and email subscriber list. But before you promise the world to your network in exchange for their email address, there are some things you need to consider.


April 21st is Doomsday for your non-mobile site!

Starting April 21st Google will rank mobile sites higher in it’s results. ““Mobile ready sites will get a significant boost over other sites”. Basically, if your site is doing well now but is not phone friendly you are about to see a big drop in traffic and sales. If you are worried or want some quick advice- call us here.


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