“Google Says”

Google Penguin

Give us 2 mins 17 secs and we’ll explain why your site suddenly lost traffic.


You weren’t to know

For a while only people in the SEO optimisation/search marketing industry took much notice of Google’s algorithm updates. However the last two (Penguin and Panda) have been so severe, that many  new clients are coming to us in the knowledge that their large falls in traffic could be down to one of these updates.

In fact the last three new customers that have come to us, all mentioned Panda in their questions as to why their website had suddenly tanked.

 400 updates per year

Generally, people weren’t aware of how many  yearly updates Google undertakes -if you watch our little video here  you’ll see that they implement 300 to 400 every year.

Frustratingly some people would say that they contradict themselves, and the average poor business owner is left floundering in the wake of the latest change.

Our video here takes a very light-hearted/comical look at the situation and really is only meant as a bit of fun. However, it’s also a serious message that these days site owners need to be much more proactive.

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