We Did:

We gave Imagine Group’s PPC a complete revamp. Every ad was rewritten, site links were implemented boosting their quality score and dramatically lowering cost per click.

Imagine group – PPC case study

Imagine Group is an award-winning property company , based in Hertfordshire they have expanded from their original branch in Watford, to having offices covering WD25, Bushey, St Albans, and all their surrounding areas. Unfortunately their Google Ads campaigns were stagnating with low quality scores, a high cost per click and struggling for relevant conversions…

The Problem

The overall emphasis in their Google Ads account was on their traditional geography and not enough focus was placed on the new target areas. Poorly written ads with some unprofitable keywords meant that Imagine were overspending for no reason. On top of this they weren’t taking full advantage of Google Ad site links meaning it was time for a complete rethink of their account.

The Solution

Implementing a granular approach our Google Ads management team focused on the most profitable keywords in the newer areas. Having given the whole account a complete overhaul we drastically improved their quality score and lowered the cost per conversion ultimately increasing their overall instructions in a short period of time.


Their team is forthcoming and willing to address any of our concerns.

They always encourage open dialogue about budget amends and content adjustments.

We have been using them for over five years and would definitely recommend them.

Angela Ellis

Head of Marketing at Imagine Group

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