We invested time and research into company and industry history then designed and developed a new corporate identity and new WordPress site for a family run catering butchers that better showcased their expertise and increased leads and conversions.


Over the last 40 years IMS of Smithfield has established itself as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of meat, poultry, game and associated meat products to the catering Industry.

They are a family run business that has instilled strong, yet ethical, commercial values across its business practices.


IMS of Smithfiled’s corporate image hadn’t been changed since the early 80s and didn’t portray the Artisan look and feel that they were after. We were commissioned to pull together a completely new identity including logo, presentation materials, stickers for packaging and a brand-new website.

Their previous site wasn’t ‘responsive’ meaning it didn’t fit properly on all tablet and phone screen sizes which was proving a barrier to turning conversions into sales.

We undertook an in-depth design consultation exercise looking back through the history of their business and their industry taking account the Artisan presence they required while heavily referencing the look and feel of their Guild to add gravitas.


For their brand, we investigated various avenues that supported the client’s competence and industry prowess as well as their esteemed history.


At a very early stage after launch website conversions increased as the new image instilled higher time confidence and portrayed a higher quality product and service.

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