January Top 5


Welcome to the Flycast Top 5 where you will find lots of useful tips to help your business make the most of social media in the year ahead. We cover how you can quickly gain more followers on Instagram, plan out a carefully orchestrated social media strategy, keep your social media accounts secure and protect the content you worked so hard to create.

Social Media Safety Tips for Small Business

Security is a big issue on social media due to common occurrences of brand sabotage, negative interactions and hackers trying to take control. Get proactive today and ensure you keep your business safe and secure by following these steps. Click here.

social media safety

5 Last-Minute Planning Tips to Kickstart Your 2017 Social Media Strategy

To be successful on social media and bring in more business, you need to plan ahead. Here’s how to create a stellar social media strategy even if you’re getting started late in the game. Start building a solid social media strategy for the year ahead. Click here.

social marketing

The 33 Best Photo Apps For Mobile Devices

From photo editing and enhancing to organising and connecting with others. Here is the definitive guide to the best photo apps around, covering iOS (that’s iPhone and iPad) and Android apps. Some you won’t have heard of, others you’ll be more familiar with. Click here

best photo apps

How to Back Up Your Social Media Content

Social media networks are constantly changing with features coming and going all the time. On occasion they get shut down, are sold or otherwise change to where you no longer have access. Here’s how you can avoid losing the content you worked hard to create. Click here.

social media backup


How to Get Your First 1000 Followers on Instagram

Instagram is a growing channel that lets individuals and businesses alike humanize and expand their brand. Here are a few things you can do right away to collect at least 1,000 quality followers for your personal or professional Instagram account. Click here.

strategy to get followers on instagram

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