January Top 5


Welcome to the Flycast top five, every month we gather together 5 top Internet marketing tips specifically chosen to benefit UK businesses.

Our aim is to find you stuff that is: easy to understand, quick to implement and most important of all helps get you MORE from your marketing efforts on the Internet.

16 simple Brand tips to grow your business in the year ahead.

Even the smallest business can improve customer retention and bottom line by improving brand – here’s a simple place to start.

 The 10 key elements of a high quality website

Have you ever wondered what makes a great website? You know things like content, videos, and images are all important, but there has to be more to it right? Neil Patel gives you the 10 best here.

Video: 3 simple tips to destroy the competition – in less than 3 minutes!

Want to use your blog to get more customers? Spend 3 minutes watching this this easy free video from Lorna at Blank and you’ll be in a much better place in a very short time.

Image by 10ch

Why you should share your blog post multiple times on social media.

Reposting the same content on social media can be quite a controversial topic. Here’s why you should.

7 things people hate about your website

Bad design or a site that takes to long to load can frustrate users. Here’s a list of 7 things people hate most about your website – if this is you, do something about it now.

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