June Top 5

Welcome to the Flycast Top 5, where (nearly) every month we gather together 5 top Internet marketing tips specifically chosen to benefit UK businesses.

This month the main focus is on having a good rapport with your audience so we’ve added tips on how you can boost engagement using Twitter polls, and included some excellent background music resources to help you produce awesome video content for your business.

We’ve also included ways to get great reviews and testimonials from current clients along with some invoicing mistakes you want to avoid at all costs, and to finish off, some reasons why chatbot marketing is the next big opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.

13 Fantastic Places to Find Background Music for Your Video Content

90% of Hubspot users reported that product videos are helpful in the decision process while 51.9% of marketing professionals said that video provides the best ROI. Here’s a list of the best sources you can use to find background music for your video content. – Click here.

background music for videos

How to Use Twitter Polls to Boost Engagement (Ideas and Examples)

If you are not using Twitter polls in your business, maybe you should be as they are a great way to get into the heads of your followers. Understand exactly what a Twitter poll is, how you can create one, and how you can use Twitter polls to boost engagement. – Click here.

twitter polls

10 invoicing mistakes new small business owners make

Every small business owner knows just how important it is to get paid on time, and while you can’t always guarantee a client will pay early, you can avoid making these 10 invoicing mistakes which will definitely a delay in getting your money. – Click here

small business invoicing

How to ask for testimonials and reviews from your clients

When it comes to converting new clients, few things are more powerful than testimonials, reviews and case studies. Here’s how to ask for testimonials and take advantage of these credibility-boosters to bring in new clients. – Click here.

business reviews

Cracking the Code on Chatbot Marketing for Your Business [Infographic]

With more than 8 billion messages sent daily on Facebook Messenger alone, chatbot marketing could be the next biggest growth opportunity. This chatbot marketing infographic shows how much the worldwide market is worth, the best platforms and more. – Click here.

chatbox marketing

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