June Top 5

Here’s the Midsummer top 5, where we found out the most common keywords found in the most successful articles, define a proper social media strategy, find the best way to ask a potential conflict of coffee, and ask the question-can a FONT make us believe something is true? (The answer is yes).

The most common keywords found in top shared articles

A great headline ensures that your post is found in search results and shared on social media, meaning more people will read and benefit from your article. It’s also helps to know which words perform well, and this tool is a massive timesaver.


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Stop guessing: Here’s a social media strategy that works

It sounds so easy. Post a few times on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, and the traffic will pour in. The real world is different – but we think if you try this social strategy you will see results.


12 tools you didn’t realise could send you more blog traffic

Producing content and getting it noticed is not the easiest job – and you’re not the only one in the race for more website visitors. Here are 12 free traffic building tools.


3 strategies more effective than asking someone to coffee

The problem in asking networking contacts to meet for coffee is that there’s a good chance they’ll respond with they’re “too pressed for time.” So, if you’re hoping to connect with someone new, try using these 3 strategies instead.


Can a font make us believe something is true?

The writer and director Errol Morris wanted to find out if certain fonts changed the way we perceive what we read, and more importantly, was there some way to prove this empirically?.


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