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We build powerful local SEO campaigns which help your small business get found by the consumers who really matter to you – people online in your area.


Local businesses all over the UK are waking up to the usefulness of digital marketing. Once used most widely by medium-to-large businesses with national reach, the way consumers now search for information, products and services has made an online presence essential for businesses both big and small.

With so many of us now relying on the web to discover the things we need, if your company doesn’t appear online, a whole lot of potential customers simply won’t know that you exist…

“Local is the best place to start and get traffic quickly”


While national SEO campaigns can require significant resources, building a strong digital presence locally requires less investment. That’s because there’s less competition in your local area. While showing up UK wide for terms like “conveyancing solicitor” will take a huge budget, appearing for terms like “conveyancing solicitor in Hendon” is much more achievable for SMEs.

And there are yet more benefits to a localised online presence. If you’ve ever seen a local Google search result, you’ll know that it includes a map, a listing of relevant nearby businesses and a handy pin that tells searchers exactly where you are. This gives you a prominent listing in your local area quickly, ensuring nearby searchers see you and your location straight away. This improves traffic to your site, builds trust with potential customers and ultimately increases both sales and brand awareness.

It doesn’t take much to get noticed online in your local area, but the returns can be impressive.

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Our strategy is simple. We provide every Flycast Media client with a dedicated internet marketing expert. Your expert is there to answer any questions you may have, to get the latest from your business to finetune your local SEO campaign and to send you a clear, simple SEO report at the end of every month so you know exactly where your spend is going – and what you’ve achieved.


With 26 years of experience in internet services, we know what it takes to make our clients shine online. We build powerful local SEO campaigns which help small businesses get found by the consumers who really matter to them – people online in their area.

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We helped Indigo Flooring increase time on site by 107% and boost overall site traffic by 65%.