The Flycast mini-guide to using marketing funnel automation, designed specifically to help increase lead generation and
garner a better understanding of your customers

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Automated Lead Generation

Marketing your business is a crucial step towards success. You already know that. However, you’re probably constantly trying to find new ways to do it that work for you. There’s so much to take in, so much to digest in terms of creating campaigns that work, understanding what the landscape is like out there, what do customers think, want, or do? This is where marketing funnel automation comes into play.

When you think about your marketing campaign, you need to consider every stage of the sales funnel and cover every base in order to be in with a chance of being successful.

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1) It Makes Finding Prospects Simple

It doesn’t have to be guesswork if you do your homework as new prospects are out there. You simply need to optimise the best solutions to help generate them. In today’s post we’re going to be talking about how to fomulate a solid marketing funnel automation model, so you can have the best marketing tactics at your fingertips.

2) Highly Personalised Content Turns Prospects Into Buyers

Marketing automation software is about creating highly personalised content that helps you to generate new prospects. The goal is to turn interested prospects into buyers and permanent customers, which is possible when done well.

It’s all about nurturing, and treating your marketing campaigns like small children, giving them encouragement to succeed. If your aim is to create long-term success with your marketing funnels, and you’re looking for long-term relationships with your customers, then you need to generate inbound leads which you can retain.

3) It’s Not All About The Emails (And It Never Was)

The short-sited approach to marketing automation funnels is to make it just about the emails, but it should be more about understanding the prospect, the potential customer.

It should be about gathering together all the information we need to know about the person so we can understand what they are interested in, what they want, and as a result, be able to give them all the information they will need to follow through with making a purchase.

4) How Do You Create Good Marketing Automation?

Good marketing automation will have all the right information from leads, interactions and prospect behaviour without relying on just emails. Behavioural inputs from page views and social clicks give you a much better, fuller understanding of the challenges, and an idea of how to get them down your funnel.

You can use your channel to send marketing messages as well as just simply collecting data. So rather than relying solely on emails, you can really utilise the different channels which influence a customer before they buy.

5) Should You Invest In Marketing Funnel Automation?

Yes, you should invest in marketing funnel automation if you want to produce effective inbound marketing content, while at the same time generating new leads. A good strategy will help nurture interested buyers into long standing customers, and for it to be successful it’s important to understand what it does, which is to scale all your efforts, not just market on your behalf.

6) How Can You Be Successful At Marketing Automation?

There are two things to keep in mind when using this method, as we’ve already mentioned, you need to be aware that marketing funnel automation helps you to measure your progression but doesn’t do the marketing for you.

You will need to create really useful content on a consistent basis that speaks to your potential customers, this type of content will create the components of your marketing funnel.

Think about the kind of person you’re marketing to. These are the people at the other end of your marketing campaigns. Use all your marketing tools, behavioural data and social media channels to help you create a picture of your customer, it’s all about them, not about email click throughs.

7) What Type Of Marketing Automation Provider Should I Choose?

Choose a software provider that best suits your goals and the type of company you have. Think about the kind of results you want to get and the kind of long term partnership you want to have.

Remember, it’s all about people, understanding what they want, and understanding what they need. It’s also about inbound marketing and creating exciting, relevant interesting content, it’s not just about emails.

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