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Welcome to the Flycast Top 5 for May 2017. This month we have a selection of topics to help you grow your business online. The following includes free and low cost ways to optimise your website for the search engines, how to improve customer testimonials for maximum conversions, ways to get thousands of email subscribers using Linkedin, hidden Facebook features and questions you need to ask before designing a new B2B website.

10 Little-Known Facebook Marketing Features and Hacks You Can Try Today

For the more than 1.8 billion active monthly users on Facebook, scrolling through the feed and catching up with the latest news is easy enough. However Facebook does have some hidden marketing features and hacks you can start using right now!– Click here.

facebook marketing features

The Ultimate Blueprint for Creating a Super Persuasive Testimonial

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the correlation between testimonials and higher conversions and may carry even more weight than you may have thought. Here’s our Ultimate Blueprint for Creating a Super Persuasive Testimonial – Click here.

increase website conversions

7 Simple Low-Cost SEO Tips to Boost Your Business Blog

While creating content for a business blog undeniably requires considerable time and effort, there are a number of free or low-cost ways to optimise your site for search engines. Here are 10 effective and economical ways to become an SEO superhero – Click here

seo tips

Questions to Ask Before Designing a New B2B Website

A new website can be an exciting yet daunting prospect for many companies, dealing with so many options, decisions to make, people to consult, that it can be overwhelming. In this post, I’ll address questions you need to ask before designing a new B2B website – Click here.

web design tips

How a Viral Loop on LinkedIn Got Me 76k Email Subscribers in 1 Month

A recent study has shown that almost 95% of newly published pages don’t get to the Top10 within a year. So you need the type of marketing that can bring you customers right away. Here’s a simple trick that got me 76k+ email subscribers in less than a month – Click here.

viral marketing

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