May Top 5

Welcome to the Flycast Top 5, where (nearly) every month we gather together 5 top Internet marketing tips specifically chosen to benefit UK businesses. Easy to understand, quick to implement and most important of all, helps get you MORE from your marketing efforts on the Internet.

Hi everybody, with the year being well under way, and with spring being a time of change, we’ve included some tips and tactics you can use to draw new ideas from so you can tweak your own marketing campaigns, improve SEO, Social media, and conversions for your business website. 

We hope you find it all helpful, and if you want to talk about any of it reach out in the usual way.

18 Social Media Tactics Used by the Silicon Valley Unicorns

I probably don’t need to tell you how important social media is to your business’s success. It is quite literally the fastest growing trend in all of human history! Here are 18 social media tactics you may not be using in your business at the moment but should. – Click here.

Social Media Tactics

Earned Media, Explained in 400 Words or Less [Examples]

People used to learn about upcoming events, the latest trends, and cool new products exclusively from magazines, newspapers, and TV shows, but times have changed and now as a business owner you can take advantage of earned media in several ways. – Click here.

marketing for small business

What Does The Redirects Manager In Yoast Seo Do?

The redirects manager in Yoast SEO Premium is a real lifesaver, making website optimisation and maintenance a piece of cake. It’s a feature we at Yoast use many times a day. Here, we’ll shed some more light on the invaluable redirects manager in Yoast SEO. – Click here

Yoast SEO

How to Create an Impactful ‘About Us’ Page

When designing your website, it can be tempting to focus on what your site will look like rather than the type of content it will contain. But if your site doesn’t have compelling content, you’re going to lose business. Here are some best practices for creating an about us page. – Click here.

How to create an about us page

4 Pre-Built Email Campaigns That You Can Use Right Now!

Email automation is powerful. It lets you connect with your audience around-the-clock, convert leads into customers, turn customers into superfans, and drive serious results. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could import a proven, tested campaign from an expert with just a few clicks? – Click here.

email marketing campaigns

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