October Top 5

Hi everybody, with it being the start of the holiday season you should be looking to ramp up your local business marketing efforts to take advantage of extra sales in the lead up to Christmas. So this month we’ve included posts which offer insights into how you can create successful marketing campaigns using social media, SEO and content marketing to help you gain better visibility on the internet.

We hope you find it all helpful, and if you want to talk about any of it, feel free to reach out in the usual way.

Why and How We Create Social Media Campaigns (Tips To Create Your Own!)

Many business owners realise that social media can help with a deeper sense of connecting with their online audience but how do you go about it? In this post, we’ll share the why and how of social media campaigns from our personal approach with a few practical tips to create your own campaign. – Click here.

how to create a social media strategy

The Ultimate Guide to Writing LinkedIn InMails That Get Results (With Examples + Templates)

Are you getting the most from LinkedIn for your business? What if you tripled your typical email response rate? People are three times likelier to reply to a LinkedIn InMail message than a traditional email — so if you’re going to reach out, an InMail might be the way to go. – Click here.

linkedin marketing

Checklist: Local SEO for Your Retail Shop

Nowadays most people use the internet at one time or another to find what they’re looking for. So you want to make sure your business is easy to find online, and you can do that by optimising your business using local Seo. Here’s a checklist you can work through to jump past the competition.– Click here

local seo checklist

SEO Tips Every Small Business Should Follow

No matter the size of your business there’s no doubt that search engines have the potential to drive thousands of visitors to your website daily. So it makes sense to have some sort of SEO strategy in place. Here are 6 SEO tips every small business should follow.– Click here.

local business marketing

The 3 Types of Content You Need to Publish to Position Yourself as an Expert

If you can position yourself as someone who is knowledgeable on a certain topic in your field, you pre-frame yourself as an expert and as someone to be trusted, and that can attract a lot more leads and customers for your business – And this can all be achieved with the right content marketing strategy in mind. – Click here.

types of content marketing

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