Social media and search engine optimisation

Social Media Management SEO here to stay.

As the never-ending Google update train continues, clients and marketers across the world are struggling to come to terms with what’s important and what’s not in order to achieve first page position with Google.

Let’s get real.

The one size fits all approach to SEO has never been completely right, and the days of building “zombie” websites just to achieve the link are long gone. Any Internet marketing company that promises the earth and tells you how many links they’re going to build for you should be given a wide berth.

The process of getting your website to the top of Google is no longer a service that can simply be given to an external agency with minimal engagement from you as the client.


Social factors Now Dominate Google’s thinking

According to this massive and recent study by the very clever people at Search Metrics 7 out of the top 10 ranking factors are now social signals and its not surprising to see that Google favour their own social network over everyone else’s!

Ranking Factors

Build your brand-build your power base.

A major part of search engine optimisation involves your brand becoming an online influencer around your subject matter or niche. If people see you (using social media) as somebody knowledgeable and helpful Google will too.

Focusing on the modern and ethical optimisation strategy.

This diagram demonstrates a broad brush overview of the important areas to focus on with modern search engine optimisation strategies such as those offered by Flycast Media.


The top two quadrants represent “on-site” elements which are seen as fundamental to optimisation. Errors on the website and issues that affect the performance (such as speed, bad URLs etc) as well as having a bad user experience will make it far less likely to do well in the search engines.

The bottom two quadrants represents “off-site” factors, which tend to be promotional. There is now very strong evidence that shows search engines rank websites with strong social media influence and better online brand building.

Links are now definitely measured by quality and not quantity. The overall “real” factor of your reviews or citations really does make a difference. So get social, engage with real player in your niche, help people out and if you need help call us- we’re very sociable.

If you want to know where your website stands on the new seocial landscape and what needs to be done to get the best results, we provide a FREE SEO Audit with no obligation.

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