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Crafting sophisticated social content which has the greatest possible chance of success, we make data driven decisions to post at the best time and reach your perfect audience.


You may be crafting short messages, but truly smart social can be complex. From targeting the perfect people, to scheduling at the optimal time for your target audience, there are dozens of factors which go into the perfect social strategy and it really pays to do your homework. The best social media management (SMM) takes every nuance into consideration, crafting sophisticated social content which has the greatest possible chance of success, whether you’re looking to show yourself as a industry voice, turn followers into brand advocates or persuade consumers to convert on your website.


As a social media agency in London we’ve built bespoke software which allows us to work at this nuanced level, helping our clients see ever-better returns from their social spending. Our software and years of social savvy allow us to target users with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring not a penny of your marketing budget is spent on the wrong consumers.


Social media is an incredibly flexible tool but it can be easy to get side-tracked with social, which is why we make certain your social activity is always working towards your key goals.

We provide cutting edge social media services and work closely with you, to ensure every social action is goal-orientated. Focussed on increasing brand awareness? We’ll strive to help you reach a wider audience. Keen to generate clicks from users in your area? We’ll target and incentivise local users.

We provide SMM services which make things happen.


Every Flycast client is assigned a personal social specialist as a point of contact. Your contact will stay in close communication with you, learning all about your business, responding to your needs and answering your questions.

We also get our digital marketing experts on the case behind the scenes, using years of digital know-how alongside smart software to work towards your goals. You’ll be able to see exactly how we’re doing through regular updates and reports, which show you precisely what we’ve achieved for your business via social media.


We provide a full range of SMM packages to suit clients of all shapes and sizes. From social media management for small business clients, to maintaining multiple digital presences for agencies with too much on their plate, our services range from the very basics, all the way up to full content marketing.

Call our social media marketing London team to get a social media management service tailored to your business.


We’ve been working in internet services for more than 26 years. That means we know the web. With smart software, industry insight and decades of experience, we know how to grow and leverage your social presence, turning your social media spend into serious ROI.

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