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Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Does traditional marketing still have a place or has digital marketing firmly taken over?

Marketing can make a real difference to sales of your products and services, opening a doorway to a global audience and broadening your customer base. Here are some marketing insights to help you decide.

1) Evolution And Changing Technology

Digital marketing is evolving all the time and it can provide great prospects for companies long-term, so it’s worth thinking about.

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Technology changes daily, it’s advancing, and it’s becoming more sophisticated, introducing different ways to market your business, whether that’s via video, images, infographics or short worded messages.

Of course it is important to keep up with the changes or you’ll get left behind, but it’s enjoyable, and can be a rewarding challenge.

2) Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing was, and still is a big favourite with businesses and it has a long history of success.

Ads in magazines, newspapers and billboards still have some currency and people do take notice of them.

However, you can’t measure your marketing strategies to see if you’re getting the right results so you can tweak things and work on any weaknesses, and it can be costlier.

Although you’ll interact with the people who you’re working with for your ads, you won’t interact at all with your audience. You’re basically handing out information to people and hoping for the best that they’ll act on it.

3) Key Advantages

Digital marketing allows you to measure the results of your business marketing so you can make changes if there are any weaknesses as we’ve seen, you can also reach a global audience rather than sticking to just one location.

You can interact with your audience, and that helps by giving you feedback you can work with both for your marketing strategy and on improving your products or services.

One of the only few disadvantages to digital marketing is that it can take a while before you see any success, but it’s a long game and a worthwhile one with great rewards once you get it right.

Conclusion: Traditional Marketing Vs Digital – What’s Best For You?

There’s definitely plenty of advantages to converting to digital marketing, magazines and newspapers are slowly going digital and much of our shopping and banking are being done online.

It would seem that with our lives turning digital it’s a natural transition for our marketing to be digital too. Traditional marketing still has a role to play in advertising, but it will eventually be replaced by a digital world.

It’s therefore important for you to have a website and to fill it with useful content so you can interact with your audience and benefit from a global reach.

However, if you don’t want to abandon your traditional marketing methods just yet, use it for when you want to reach people locally, but start investing more time in your digital marketing.

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