AFTT – Web Design case study

What We Did?

We produced a cleaner and sharper design, using more obvious ‘calls to actions’ resulting in more traffic and better  conversions.


AFTT is a highly-experienced forklift truck training company providing a series of courses helping drivers to become proficient at operating their forklifts. There’s an emphasis on safety and risk management with a holistic approach to training. They offer a suite of accredited courses from a team of qualified and experienced professionals. Many of their instructors have over 30 years’ experience, and AFTT have one of the highest pass rates in the United Kingdom. AFTT have been our clients since 2011 and we created their previous website.

The Problem

We realised that although the website we’d originally created for AFTT was good, it wasn’t really working anymore, it wasn’t responsive and had been built before the touch screen revolution. It was no longer user friendly, and not conducive to mobile or laptop use. Because of its lack of adaptability and responsiveness –  SEO optimisation was problematic. We felt the website needed to change so it could retain Google rankings, attract more traffic and convert more of it into sales.

The Solution

We produced a web design fully functional on all screen sizes. We implemented simpler navigation, making it easier for clients to engage with AFTT. The aim was to make it cleaner, sharper and clearer, using more obvious calls to action resulting in better conversions. And we succeeded, we measured a 27% increase in conversion from website visits. Our redesign ensured AFTT was found much quicker on search engines and them to be seen as a modern, and accessible company, that’s easy to reach and quick to respond.

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