6 Super Effective Google Retargeting Tactics For Remarketing To Potential Customers

If you are concerned about your conversion rates and wondering how to reconnect with B2B website visitors who didn’t make a purchase, you are thinking in the right direction. B2B customers are notorious for taking their time before committing to a purchase. It may well take several visits to your site before a decision is made. Your successful Google Ads… Read More >

Flycast Media is a Global PPC Leader

At Flycast Media, we’re looking forward to what 2020 will bring to PPC advertising, from AI advancements to alternative platforms. We are thrilled to announce that Flycast Media has been named a Clutch Global Leader in the advertising and marketing category! We are ranked in the top 5 of UK agencies and rated one of the top 15 PPC agencies… Read More >

Location Matters – 7 Tips For Local Business Marketing Success

Local Business Marketing There are some distinct advantages to being a local business, your potential to develop customer loyalty is second to none, you are in a unique position to network with neighbouring businesses and you have the opportunity to make a positive impact on your community. However, in business every silver lining has moments of being obscured by a… Read More >

The Main Advantages And Disadvantages To PPC For B2B

PPC or Pay Per Click advertising works on a simple premise, that you pay a fee each time someone clicks on one of your ads. In other words, it is a way of buying visitors to your site to supplement visits that you earn organically through SEO. Set up properly, PPC for B2B can bring in great results but its… Read More >

The Ultimate Guide To Your Google My Business Page

Have you ever considered how many of your Google searches involve looking for local information? If the words, ‘near me’ fit into your search question then you can be sure that the Google algorithms will need your location information in order to select for you the pages with the best answers.   From high-end restaurant dining, to unavoidable drain clearing,… Read More >

Marketing or selling in 2019? We have 4 digital marketing trends you need to know about

We can all recall times when analyst predictions about business trends didn’t turn out quite as expected. Paper books are a great example, predicted to meet their demise following the introduction of the eBook; these old-fashioned volumes haven’t all been used to light the world’s bonfires after all. However, the race for digital prowess continues, those with digital savvy remain… Read More >

Stop wasting money and losing ROI with Google ads – With our simple guide to Auditing Your PPC

If you have never investigated the efficiency of your PPC campaign, you are missing out on an important opportunity to check its efficiency and, more importantly, correct any niggling overspend. Conducting a PPC campaign audit is by far the best way to find areas for improvement, tweak campaigns and gain sought-after ROI. Measuring the success of PPC advertising can be… Read More >

Get more out of your Google Ads With Our PPC Conversion Tracking Mini Guide

You almost certainly track your sales and it is fairly likely that you have a good understanding of your click through rate from PPC ads. Well done for that but you are still missing a vital and informative piece of the information jigsaw. If you haven’t put those two metrics together and understood which of your sales was a direct… Read More >

Strategy Matters – Top Tips For PPC B2B Lead Generation

Quality PPC B2B lead generation is the key to boosting sales and gaining higher conversion rates but if you don’t want to risk exaggerated acquisition costs and substandard results, you need to make sure you have an integrated approach that includes a rock solid B2B Google Ads strategy. There are definitely pay per click advantages and disadvantages out there but… Read More >

Flycast Media’s Fast Growing Presence On Clutch

With 26 years of experience under our belt, Flycast Media, a digital marketing agency based in the UK, knows how to get our clients heard. We turn up the volume by taking the long view, implementing the best practices, and exploring new approaches. Our clients’ testimonials and case studies barely scratch the surface, which is why we’ve partnered with Clutch… Read More >