October Top 5

Hi everybody, with it being the start of the holiday season you should be looking to ramp up your local business marketing efforts to take advantage of extra sales in the lead up to Christmas. So this month we’ve included posts which offer insights into how you can create successful marketing campaigns using social media, SEO and content marketing to… Read More >

April Top 5

Hi everybody, with the deadline fast approaching for the most comprehensive changes to data protection rules in 20 years, we thought it would be helpful for everybody to show you one of the best ways you can start topping up your lists after the new GDPR regulations have kicked in. We’ve also included a free way to add live chat… Read More >

January Top 5

Hi everybody, we’re starting the year off with ways to improve your productivity, and efficiency using several free business automation tools. We’re also showing you how to give your content a boost to gain more traction. You might not realise this but up to 92% of buyers often rely on reviews when making local buying decisions so we’ve also added… Read More >

September Top 5

THE FLYCAST TOP 5 Hi everybody, this month we’re focusing on Facebook and email marketing as they both offer lots of options to help you target exactly the right audience. We cover how to create the perfect Facebook business page, including ways to promote your business, and explain how to get off the ground with a successful email marketing campaign…. Read More >

October Top 5

THE FLYCAST TOP 5 Hi everybody, this month we’re taking a sideways approach to the usual strategies and focusing on some paid and free marketing ideas which have long since been forgotten. We’ve also included different marketing approaches for popular new technologies like mobile apps and Facebook messenger. We hope you find it helpful, and if you want to talk… Read More >

August Top 5

THE FLYCAST TOP 5 Hi everybody, this month we’ve included a real mix of topics for your last minute holiday reading. From long experience we know clients spend an awful lot of time on their sun-beds planning their next business moves. So, to help you get back on track with your marketing efforts we’ve included everything from video content creation… Read More >

July Top 5

This month we’ve included a couple of posts which uncover some of the Ultimate Apps for growth hacking your Linkedin and Instagram efforts. Read More >

June Top 5

Use these quick tips to improve your website or blog and Increase visibility, build trust, reduce bounce rates and convert more leads into buyers. Read More >

may top 5

THE FLYCAST TOP 5 Welcome to the Flycast Top 5 for May 2017. This month we have a selection of topics to help you grow your business online. The following includes free and low cost ways to optimise your website for the search engines, how to improve customer testimonials for maximum conversions, ways to get thousands of email subscribers using… Read More >

April Top 5

THE FLYCAST TOP 5 Welcome to the Flycast Top 5 for April 2017. This month we’re focusing on social media which now plays a crucial role in the way you connect, engage and control how your brand is seen online. Security is a growing issue so we’ve also included a setup guide for Wordfence, a popular WordPress security plugin which… Read More >