Where your website actually "ranks" on search engines very much depends on how well it is built, how well it is designed and how much proper optimisation work has been implemented (On-site search engine optimisation). More often than not, more attention has been paid to design and cosmetic decisions than has to logical customer journey and robust build.


Search engines constantly work to improve their performance by trying to provide the best user results and experience. They have a pretty good idea of what type of webpages and websites make their users happy. Things such as easy navigation, direct answers and professional design can make a big difference to your ranking position. Our website audit will highlight your strengths, find your weaknesses and give you an actionable plan for improvement.


Historical statistics show that a website sitting in the first organic position on Google gets over 35% of all the available traffic for that particular keyword.  Our website audits will show what keywords your site is actually targeting now and more importantly what keywords you should be targeting in future.


To have your website audited by an experienced SEO professional please complete our form or even give us a call. Please note because it is undertaken by a real person it could take up to 5 working days to be completed.


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