How To Use Linkedin For Business – Add A Company Page To Your Linkedin Profile

How To Use Linkedin For Business

Using your personal LinkedIn profile for business may initially seem convenient but by doing so you’re not maximising the full might of LinkedIn’s 450 million plus members. If you are thinking about how to use Linkedin for business (and with a professional network this big, you should be) you need to seriously consider adding a business LinkedIn page to your personal profile. Here are three benefits to adding a company page:

  • Showcase your company’s products and services
  • Attract quality prospective employees
  • Give employees the opportunity to act as brand ambassadors

By failing to use a business LinkedIn page, you won’t be capitalising on the marketing opportunities available through this monster professional social network. Creating a company page really is a ‘LinkedIn for Beginners’ type task, we have summarised below, how to do it in 10 easy steps:

1) Start the company page process

Under the ‘Work’ tab at the top of your LinkedIn home page, click on ‘Create a Company Page’.
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how to use linkedin

2) Add your company name

Add your company name and check that you are happy with the LinkedIn generated URL. Changing your LinkedIn URL once you have set it up is not recommended by LinkedIn and can only be done on request.
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3) Create your company page

Check the verification box and click ‘Create Page’. At this point you should get a welcome email from LinkedIn.

4) Add the important visuals

Make the most of your brand by adding a banner and your logo.
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5) Add your company information

Complete the ‘Company Overview’ section, remembering to put important information, or even a call to action, at the top.
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6) Sort out your SEO

Add up to 20 company specialties, these are keywords and will form your LinkedIn SEO strategy.
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7) Link to your website

Add your company website URL and other company information.
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8) Add featured Linkedin groups

Featured groups should be groups that represent your company interests. Connecting with relevant LinkedIn community groups will help you to attract more followers to your company page.
how to use linkedin for business

9) Check carefully

Most mistakes can be corrected later but first impressions count so check before you publish.

10) Publish your company page

We told you it was simple, this really is ‘LinkedIn for beginners’. Publish your company page and click ‘Go To Member View’ to see how it looks.

Of course, creating a company page for your small business is only the start of your business success on Linkedin. How you then go on to market your business on LinkedIn will make a huge difference to the amount of interest and business you attract. We have 3 quick tips to help you optimise your new LinkedIn company page performance:

How to use Linkedin for Business

  • Add regular content

Set a reminder to post status updates at least once a day. These will grow your LinkedIn reach and encourage visitors to your website. If you can’t commit to daily posting, use a ,a href=”” target=”_blank”>social media platform like Buffer.

  • Populate your ‘Career Pages’

Adding content to the ‘Career Pages’ allows you to tell your company story, attract superior applicants and add specific job vacancies. It also gives you a ‘watch this space’ status.

  • Encourage connection with your employees

By far the best resource for initially developing a strong LinkedIn audience is your employees. Encourage employees to add your new company page to their personal profiles and watch your network grow.