Take a new, exciting and often profitable look at yourself and the way you do business by watching some of the best video channels YouTube has to offer

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Individual Thinking And Behaviour That Has A Positive Impact

We all get business and marketing inspiration in different ways and from different places but many of us with limited available time, turn to YouTube video channels for inspirational videos, mental stimulation, idea creation and personal development here’s our top picks.

Here at Flycast Media we have a selection of YouTube channels that, again and again, spark discussion and help us take a new, exciting and often profitable look at ourselves and the way we do business.

YouTube channels that take a direct approach to a business and marketing strategy, videos that make us challenge our individual thinking and behaviour that have a positive impact on our approach to business. To help you get started, we have put together our top four alongside tips on how to make the most of them.

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Inspirational Videos

TED Talks

TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) has been successfully spreading ideas via conferences since 1984. The availability of the best of these talks on YouTube has opened up access to experts in many fields to people all over the world. Their aim is to, ‘Make great ideas accessible and spark conversation,’ and here at Flycast Media TED Talks certainly do that.

One of our particular favourite TED speakers is Seth Godin. Seth is an entrepreneur and author whose ability to stimulate marketing ideas and creativity rarely fails, as his popularity on YouTube will testify.

Seth is always worth listening to and we have chosen our favourite of his TED Talks, ‘How to get your ideas to spread,’ to share with you. In this talk Seth gives some effective tips about ‘purple cows’ and marketing in a world that offers too many choices and too little time.

Fight Mediocrity

It could be argued that somebody has to be mediocre, but the truth is that none of us want to be that person or that business. Fight Mediocrity is a YouTube channel that uses animated reviews of business and self-improvement books to share self-actualisation ‘big ideas’ to encourage us all to step out of the ordinary, into the superlative.

These video animations are simple but clever; graphics emphasise the context and main points are picked out in text to provide focus, whilst the voice-over adds elements of depth, opinion and original book text.

In this Fight Mediocrity video, the book under review is ‘Secrets of the Millionaire Mind’ by T Harv Eker. The animation focuses on the section of the book describing the differences in mindset between ‘rich people’ and ‘poor people’. This, along with other Fight Mediocrity inspirational videos, presents some challenging ideas that we think will have a great impact on both your personal and business lives.

The Big Think

The Big Think could be described as an advocate of modern-day philosophy. Descartes’ insistence that, ‘cogito ergo sum’ (‘I think, therefore I am’) isn’t lost on the Big Think channel, which challenges us, alongside the experts, to explore ‘big ideas and core skills’.

Big Think topics are wide-ranging and cover many themes including business strategy, all of which have been selected to make us question the way we think about the world around us and challenge our existing thought processes on a range of issues that can be applied to both ourselves and business.

The ‘Big Think’ we have chosen for you is Henry Rollins’ ‘The One Decision that Changed My Life Forever.’ We have all experienced thought processes or recognised opportunities that had life-changing potential, but not many of us have acted on them.

Henry Rollins discusses the pivotal moment when he made the decision to join the band Black Flag but he also acknowledges his later realisation of the necessity of additional plans, tenacity and hard work in a changing world.

The School Of Life

The concept of emotional intelligence, i.e. our ability to manage our own emotions and respond effectively to those of other people, is maybe one that we don’t naturally associate with business. However, one look at the video content on ‘The School of Life’ video channel always convinces us that, in business as much as in life, emotional intelligence isn’t just important to achievement, it is vital.

With titles such as ‘Why ‘Happiness’ is a Useless Word’ and ‘How to Seduce Someone with Confidence’, it isn’t hard to see why we think this video channel can have a positive influence on both our personal and professional behaviour.

In ‘POP CULTURE: The Clever Tricks of Advertising’, the author uses a successful combination of animation and audio to explain approaches to advertising. He discusses the association of a particular product with moods, feelings or desires. He then goes on to point out the conflict between the advertiser’s intuitive portrayal of those desires and the fact that their products are not likely to, in any way, help us to achieve them.

The revolutionary point comes at the end of this Youtube video when the author suggests that it is not advertising that needs to change, but the products the advertisers are selling. Inconceivable maybe; this one certainly made us think.

3 Top Tips To Help You Make The Most Of Video Channels

1) Choose Carefully But Eclectically

Be brave about your video choices, but also be selective. Go for channels that have been recommended but be prepared to choose inspirational videos with ambiguous or intriguing titles.

2) Listen Or Watch At A Higher Speed

This isn’t for everybody, but it is worth a try as it saves time and you will find it surprisingly easy to take in the information from a video at a slightly higher speed. Speed adjustments can be found under the ‘Settings’ icon.

3) Share The Gold

If you want to keep those who are working with you onside when you make business decisions, it pays to give them some understanding of your thought processes. Sharing stimulating video content is a great way to do this and can also inspire productive discussion.

Here at Flycast Media we believe in the value of learning, both for the benefit of our business and ourselves. Video channels offer the opportunity to learn and stimulate thought without blowing training budgets or losing valuable time. The world of business is dynamic, and YouTube video channels are one of the best ways to keep a finger on the pulse of popular and innovative thinking.

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