January Top 5

Hi everybody, we’re starting the year off with ways to improve your productivity, and efficiency using several free business automation tools. We’re also showing you how to give your content a boost to gain more traction. You might not realise this but up to 92% of buyers often rely on reviews when making local buying decisions so we’ve also added some tips about getting online reviews for your business. We hope you find it all helpful, and if you want to talk about any of it reach out in the usual way.

20 Ways to Automate Your Small Business for Free

With a million and one things to do, it’s within every small business owner’s interest to automate operations and save time where possible. Here are 20 Free automation tools that will leave you wondering how you ever managed without.– Click here.

business automation tools

4 Easy Ways Solopreneurs Can Spar With Big Businesses

Solopreneurship has seen quite an evolution in recent years with the gig economy now estimated to be 34% of the workforce with expected growth to 43% by 2020. Given the rise in popularity, here are 4 ways to compete at the same level as the big boys. – Click here.

how to be a freelancer

How to Perform a Content Audit

You may have spent time adding lots of content to your website but how much of it ties back to the user’s journey. Are there outdated pages, unclear paths or broken links you are not aware of? Here are some simple tips on how to get started with a content audit.– Click here

content audit

How to Take and Edit Photos Without Hiring a Professional

It’s important to use high quality images no matter what type of business as they look more professional and can be used to promote your brand more effectively. We show you how to edit your own photos easily without hiring a professional. – Click here.

Why Reviews Are More Important Than Ever for Local Search

Are you aware of just how much of an impact online reviews can have on your business? With 88% of consumers trusting online reviews as much as a personal recommendation it’s really important to have positive reviews. Here are some keys to getting reviews for your business. – Click here.

local search marketing

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