July Top 5


Welcome to the Flycast top five, where this month we focus on the best approach for Facebook live video, understanding how to use anchor text the right way, useful grammar correction tools, and the best ways to ramp up your video marketing for extra views. We’ve also included the biggest marketers on Youtube you should be following to keep up with the latest trends.

6 Ways to Use Facebook Live Video for Your Business

Are you wondering how your business can use Facebook Live? Using live video will improve your Facebook reach and it can take less time than writing individual posts. Discover six ways your business can succeed with Facebook Live video.

facebook live video

Video Marketing Ideas: 9 Ways to Promote Video Content

Whether you spend considerable time and expense producing business videos yourself or outsourcing the work, a big piece of the puzzle often overlooked is the promotion strategy. Here are 9 video marketing tips for drastically increasing views.

video marketing ideas

Best Free Grammar Checker – An Unbiased Review

If you are searching for the best free grammar checker online, you are likely to come across several, including Grammarly which was originally founded by Alex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn in 2008. Here’s an unbiased review by real people who’ve used the service.

grammar checker

The Six Best YouTube Channels For Marketers

Staying on top of marketing trends is essential today, and YouTube is great for keeping yourself informed and inspired. To help you we’ve compiled a list of the best YouTube channels to turn to for inspiration, marketing advice, and everything in between.

youtube marketers


Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Anchor Text (But Didn’t Know Who To Ask)

There’s a lot of confusion about anchor text and how it should be used for the best results. Some believe you should build lots of anchor text rich links while others believe the opposite. Here is an excellent anchor text guide which covers it all.

anchor text seo

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