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Checking in.

As SEO Consultants in London our life is complicated enough, and it would be fair to say that most of our client base is not affected by the new range of location-based services such as foursquare. You’ve heard the term “check-in” but have you ever done it?

4squareA recent US study showed that about 74% of smartphone users use location-based services to find out what’s around them and a further 18% checking in to local businesses-such as restaurants and movie theatres.

You may not have ‘checked in’ at a retail establishment, but you certainly have used “local” search-based services albeit possibly unknowingly.

Local Stuff – You’re using it.

One of my favourites in London is ‘Around me’ since its interface is really easy you just activate the app, and it presents the main things that people want to find at the drop of a hat, (normally minicabs, restaurants or local stations). But if you have used the apps provided by Yell, Urban spoon, or even Timeout you will have been presented with the option to choose local information near you every time.

If your potential customers using these types of apps rather than the typical Google search to look your product or service and you’re not presented on them you are certainly missing out on good potential leads.


Once again its Hardware led.

But in some ways it’s possible that these sorts of products lifespan could be short lived (especially if they don’t Evolve).

Everybody would have seen the new Google glasses prototype and essentially this is the future. Your mobile phone will be wirelessly connected to some sort of eyewear- and it will be able to do lots of stuff that you never thought possible.

For example it will know the date of your mothers/partner’s birthday and will be aware of their favourite shop (based on your shopping history). Because of GPS cooperating with your address book and your diary it will remind you that perhaps you should buy something while you’re there and save yourself some time.

Sound far-fetched? This ability exists now.

The future looks like this…

Recently I came across this fantastic video (which is a dramatisation) of how in a few years time wearable technology will have progressed. Before Google’s glasses product I would have thought this a little too “Sci-Fi” but now I think this technology is literally round the corner.

Sight from Sight Systems on Vimeo.

How will Google, Yahoo and Bing fit in the equation then?

For help with that answer- call FlycastMedia on 0800 110 5923

Local search based services are here to stay, and with the ever increasing need for search engines wanting to provide their users with the most accurate results it’s important to stay ahead of the curve.

If you are unsure whether you’re capturing your fair share of local based search we offer a FREE SEO Audit which will provide you with all the information you need to get better results.

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