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Save Time And Money With Managed Marketing Solutions

How do you manage your marketing?

Perhaps you're still struggling to organise it yourself, or maybe you're experiencing the hassle of managing a fragmented set of providers. If either of these sounds like you, the likelihood is you're feeling frustrated with the results, or rather with the lack of them.

This is where a managed marketing service can really make the difference. If you want to see a better return on your marketing spend, and regain some of your precious time, read on.

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The Ultimate Marketing Team

Before we explain the benefits of using managed marketing services, let's take a look at the level of marketing expertise required to ensure sales success, growth, and ultimately business scalability. The scope of a successful marketing policy can be hard to grasp so we've broken it down. At the very minimum you're going to need expertise in the following areas.

Business Strategy

Whoever undertakes your marketing needs to have a clear understanding of your business goals and corresponding challenges. Perhaps you want to improve revenue, promote a new service or increase your share of a niche market. Whatever your business goal, your marketing strategy development needs to match it.

Brand Positioning And Reputation Management

If knowing who your customers are is important, then knowing what they think about your product or service is even more so. Great brand and reputation management can get you to where you want to be in your chosen market.

Marketing Strategy Development

As your business grows you'll need a marketing strategy that grows with it. Knowing which tools to utilise, and how to implement these in a structured and effective way can be a complicated business. This is work for the experts.

Scope Modelling

Product and market scope strategies allow you to make levelheaded and practical decisions about your products and services. Taking resources into account they help you widen or narrow your strategy as necessary.

Content Creation

Content creation isn't just about social media success, thought-provoking blog posts or snappy videos. Implemented right it will change ideas into profit. Implemented wrong, it will just waste money.

Web Design

An intelligently designed website will boost enquiries and maximise conversions. This level of design requires a holistic approach with style, mobile responsiveness, and SEO all playing their part.

Inbound marketing and SEO

Inbound marketing takes your marketing efforts directly to customers who are already actively seeking your products or services. By answering the right questions from the right people you can begin that trust journey that leads to a sale.

Google Ads And Social PPC

Expertly executed pay per click advertising can yield astonishing results but it requires a high level of proficiency and attention. By far the easiest way to get this right is to work with your own designated Ads manager.

Data Insights And Analytics

It makes sense - At the end of a campaign, you need to know whether or not all that strategy development has worked. The only accurate way to do this is to keep a close eye on the data. Easier said than done if you're not a specialist.

If you know anyone in your organisation that is brilliant at all of the above, hang on to them! It's unlikely that you do however, so if the cost of your own in-house marketing team is beyond your reach but you want to see your business grow, your only option is to outsource marketing services. You can do this in two ways.

  • Spend precious time pulling together, and managing an external collection of disparate specialists.
  • Engage a professional and experienced managed marketing service.

The disadvantages to the first option are clear. Just like in Fantasy Football, unless you know the marketing game inside out, you're unlikely to find exactly the right person for each job. And if you did, you would still have the task of getting them all to work together, and perhaps more importantly understand your business goals.

Outsourcing Marketing Services

That's why it makes sense to outsource marketing services. A managed marketing service already has that dream team in place. A team with all the professional expertise and experience you need, a team that thrives on collaboration, and more importantly, a team that will strike exactly the right balance between working with you, and getting on independently with the job you want them to do.

If this sounds perfect but you're worried about the costs, we'll leave you with four thoughts.

  • You need business scalability and growth.
  • You need a marketing team who know how to achieve this.
  • You need your marketing spend to bring fantastic returns.
  • You need all of the above to run efficiently, without onerous input from you.

So Tell Me More About Managed Marketing

It's simple really. Working with a managed marketing service is just like having your own marketing department but with a fraction of the costs. Not only will you have an expert team of advisors, strategists, professionals, and data specialists on your side but you'll also have access to all the latest marketing tools and technologies.

Think about it. Managed marketing makes perfect sense if you're eager for business scalability and growth, don't have time to tackle the job yourself, and aren't ready to commit to additional in-house staff. From strategy development, right through to analytics and campaign success, a managed marketing team will not only do the job as well as an in-house department, they'll do it with more experience, and up to the minute finesse.

Am I Ready For Managed Marketing?

We think so yes but only you can really answer that question. This is where a bit of honesty makes good business sense. If any or even all of the below sound familiar, the chances are it's time to find out more about outsourcing marketing services.

  • I can't keep up with the promotion needs of my business
  • I find some technological advances confusing.
  • I know there are potential customers I'm not reaching.
  • Budgets are tight. I need a great return on marketing investment.
  • I need to understand the success of campaigns against stated goals.
  • I want business scalability included in my marketing strategy development.
  • I want the support and reassurance of marketing experts.

Peace Of Mind And Great Marketing Return

If you've got big plans, and are keen to keep ahead of your competitors, outsourcing marketing services really is the only way to go. You probably don't have time to manage the job yourself, or the resources to build your own department. Contact us today to find out how we can manage your marketing more effectively.

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