May Top 5

Here is our top 5 for May, where we investigate the best way to get great testimonials from your clients, the best out of office messages while you’re on holiday, how to really use LinkedIn, how to start your own pod cast and why you should and finally the best way to fix the most common mistakes ruining your website. Enjoy.

How to get great testimonials.

It’s a tactic that’s been working for decades. Why? Because it gives potential customers a reassurance that your product or service actually does what you claim it does. Testimonials are so effective that when a visitor lands on a page, they are 218% more likely to convert into a lead. Here’s how to do the same for your business.


Going on holiday? 7 clever & effective out-of-office replies to try.

When I go on holiday, I completely turn off work … but I don’t stop marketing, and you can do the same. I use my ‘out-of-office reply’ to continue marketing while I’m gone and it works extremely well. Find out more here to do the same in your business.


Use the most powerful connection tool on Linkedln.

All successful entrepreneurs understand how to build relationships that lead to profitable collaboration. Social media provides the tools and technology to make this happen, yet the majority of business owners are not taking advantage of this amazing “connection tool” on LinkedIn.

Image by Sheila Scarborough

How to to start your own podcast.

Podcasts have never been more popular. Here’s how to create, record, and publish a podcast for your business & get more listeners everyday. Click here.


21 Common mistakes ruining your website & free tools to fix them.

There are 644 million websites online fiercely fighting for the attention of visitors (including yours) but how many of them are actually winning? To get you ahead here is a list of 21 best practices I’ll bet everybody’s got at least three on this list.


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