We provide powerful PPC to businesses and agencies. We specialise in paid search that pays off, offering precision and impressive results.



Digital marketing is all about using the power of branding, advertising & engagement to get the traffic and sales that your business deserves, and we'd love to help.


Whether you’re running a busy small business or juggling multiple client accounts, perfecting PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising can be a real pain.

Precisely executed paid search can yield extraordinary results for online businesses (just take a look at our testimonials and case studies). However, without your full attention and without time-consuming digital insight, marketing budgets can only too easily slip down the drain.

That’s why investing in an experienced Google Ads PPC provider really pays off. Our PPC consultancy services ensure your Google ads campaigns don’t put a penny out of place, making certain that your website receives not only the heaviest traffic, but also the most relevant traffic. We use our decades of PPC management experience to place your paid advertising right under the nose of consumers ready to convert, squeezing the absolute most from your budget and driving strong sales.


From Google Ads to Facebook and Bing, our PPC services work across multiple platforms to get the best returns from your paid advertising spend.

Whether we’re harnessing the power of remarketing ads to make sure interested parties return to make a purchase, or using the latest video PPC options to make a big impact ahead of the curve, we carefully assess every spend and every decision to justify expenditure and assure strong returns.


We assign a dedicated Flycast Media Google Ads manager to every PPC client.

Your manager will be on hand at every stage of the process to answer questions, talk strategy, keep up to date with your business goals and send you regular reports which clearly display the results of our Google Ads management.

We believe in total transparency, which is why we share all of our data with you, presented in an easy-to-digest format. Any questions? We’re always on hand to help.


We manage our PPC accounts independently of Google, and can even provide support to agencies keen to offer more powerful paid search services to their clients.

With over 28 years working in internet services, we know the web inside out, allowing us to harness the best of traditional techniques, while making waves with the best new developments – without jumping on any potentially damaging bandwagons. For a steady, skilled hand on your campaign, talk to our team about getting more from your PPC advertising today.


We helped Melbourne Server Hosting turn expensive PPC campaigns into winning performers with advanced CRO.

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"Cannot recommend them highly enough!"

"I can safely say they have brought in some serious business this year and in fact also one of our biggest customers to date.”

Tim Pat Dufficy. Founder, ServerSpace Limited
"We received 50 leads in May and 111 in August 2020!"

"We received over 50 enquiries in May 2020 which is extraordinary bearing in mind market conditions because of coronavirus. They made some changes and then we received over 110 warm qualified leads in August."

Renatas Steponaitis. Central Lofts
"Quality leads at a much lower cost per acquisition."

"The team took the time to really understand our requirements.

we’re now seeing a steady flow of quality leads at a much lower cost per acquisition”

Natalie Fayle. Melbourne Server Hosting
"Best investment for my business!"

"I can honestly say that the money spent with Shane and flycast media has been the best investment for my business I have ever made."

Scott Wilson. Managing Director - Indigo Flooring Ltd
ppc management "Six enquiries on the first day!"

"Then we received 21 enquiries in a week.
We didn't get that many enquiries from our site over the whole of last year."

Dawn Wright. Wright Choice Gardens.
"Flycast reduced our PPC spending by 66%."

"I was astonished when Shane and his team took over our PPC campaigns.

Within 2 months I was spending less than half of my previous budget."

Steve Johnson. Accredited Construction
"Within two weeks, we noticed an increase in enquires."

"I would recommend Flycast to everyone but my competitors.”

Steve Ensor. Bushy Blinds
ppc campaign management We are experiencing a very pronounced uplift in sales!"
"We now get a steady influx of high quality sales leads and we spent a lot less money to do it"

"They constantly look for ways to improve our results and are always readily available to answer any queries"

Nick Bampton Managing Director - Ecowater Ltd