Don't fall victim to having a damaged online reputation due to negative content - control how and where your brand is seen online

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5 Ways You Can Improve Your Online Reputation

It’s not easy trying to capture back that elusive target audience if you have a damaged online reputation. But we don’t think it’s impossible, and in this post, we’re going to show you how, using a few online reputation management tactics, so you can make a fresh start.

1) Be Honest

Most people, especially those who want to do business with you for the first time will Google you, and when they do that, they’ll see you have a bad reputation. So in the long run, it’s better they hear it from you rather than from having read it in online reviews and comments etc. Honesty is the first step in online reputation repair.

Tell them the truth straight from the horse’s mouth, what happened, how it happened, and be as positive about it as possible, what you’ve learned from it, and where you’re going.

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2) Remove The Negativity Where Possible

To improve your bad online reputation, if you can, remove any negative information about you from sites where possible.

You could have ruined your reputation online in many different ways, but if it’s a blog or an article, you can ask Google to remove the content and it will be removed from the cache at some point, however you may not be willing to wait that long.

A photo or offending comment can be removed from your social media accounts or website, but if someone is still using it, you can ask them to stop politely or take more decisive legal action to make them stop.

3) Own it - Create your own high ranking SEO

If your online business reputation is smashed to smithereens then perhaps the best way to get past negative information about you is to create your own positive content that out ranks it. Drive it out of town, and drive it down the rankings.

If you manage to get your new, successful content on the first couple of pages, and your negative content is on page 30, then no one will see it or care.

Update all your social media profiles and fill it with more positive quality content, and make sure that when you’re being quoted in the media, it’s the good stuff they’re quoting.

4) Keep Your Website Looking Fresh And Up To Date

During the online reputation repair process make sure your website is filled with new content that’s well written and informative, good information that helps divert people away from the bad stuff.

With a website you can retain some control, and it’s a perfect opportunity to redesign your website and fill it with fresh content. Rebrand even, with a new custom logo design and a new theme, a fresh new start.

5) Do Some Research

As well as minimising the damage and leading your audience to more positive content which helps to repair your online reputation, you can also do some research. What is it you did or said that ruined it for you or your business?

What can you do to bring it to a close, a simple apology may suffice, but only once the controversy has ended can you move on, so it may be a good idea to face this head on.

Improve Online Reputation

See what you can do to bring yourself closure, tackle it head on and then you can continue afresh.

We hope you found our tips helpful. If you need any more guidance on this and the repair online reputation services we provide, then please get in touch.

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