Responsive web design – what is it? and why you need it now

The buzz word for 2016 was connectivity, and going further back you will have noticed a massive shift in the way the public now accesses the internet. This is due to the fact that you can now go online using a wide array of mobile and stationary devices, and as time moves on we are edging closer to being a society that relies more and more on the virtual world.

You only have to see the online annual shopping figures over the past few years compared with the high street to understand where the future is heading. Basically –  there is no question that having an online presence these days is even more important than it ever was before.

So how does this affect your visitors and sales?

Well you might be jumping at the thought of having all those extra potential customers visiting your website, but one new factor is screen size coupled with software issues.

It’s always been important to check your website to see what it looks like on different web browsers, because the way that each of them reads your code varies slightly. What you see on one screen might be quite different to what you see on another.  


We are referring to problems which used to occur on reasonably large screens with a limited number of web browsers (and still do) but the massive increase in internet devices has changed the playing field entirely bringing about the need for responsive websites.

Websites now have to deal with more browser applications and screen sizes than ever before, and if your website isn’t mobile ready you may be losing sales.

Take your tablets.

In the run-up to Christmas a portable device was sold every two seconds here in the UK. To give you just a handful of examples, these included everything from Android Os notebooks and Samsung Nexus 7 tablets to Kindle Fire readers and Apple Iphones. The reality is that these figures are set to increase and it’s expected that by the end of the year up to 50% of all visitors will be arriving on websites via a portable device.

So with a trending market like this mobile website design is at the forefront, and it’s more important than ever to make sure that you’re ready to handle all these devices accessing your website. A decent responsive web design company will usually provide quick turnaround times for updating websites so in most cases this shouldn’t be an issue.

Don’t lose a customer before they buy

If you take the average visitor viewing your web pages through a smartphone, its obvious how frustrated they will get having to keep contracting and expanding the screen to read the information. Most won’t be staying for long, especially when they can just move to one of your competitors at the click of a button.

User experience is paramount for improving conversions and increasing sales so you need a website which has a responsive design that can handle all the screen variations along with the many applications lots of devices use.

Websites which are designed to be responsive in nature work by sending out media queries to ascertain what kind of device is accessing the website. The web page is then adjusted using flexible imagery and moveable grids to ensure that all the text and images are correctly in place.

Search engine optimisation value

Google has turned the SEO world on its head and we spend a lot of time trying to stay one step ahead. Google always stated that relevance is their number one goal but now user experience and engagement are at the forefront of  the factors that count towards SEO value.

This means that google are now keeping a closer eye on how long people stay on websites and what their overall experience is like. They also have a team of manual reviewers to make sure that only the most relevant websites with the best user experience appear at the top of the search results. This is the reason why it’s important to have a website which is well designed with easy navigation and adapted to being fully responsive to all devices.

Don’t let the competition beat you to it.

Taking into account that some of your competitors will be aware of these changes. So if you suddenly find that your competition have reacted to this and you haven’t, there’s a strong possibility that you could end up with a lot less customers visiting your website.

Combining the number of extra customers you can gain along with the additional SEO value it makes sense to put responsive web design at the top of your list.

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