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WordPress Meta Data Optimisation

WordPress is a tremendously popular content management system (CMS), and is also loved by the search engines. It’s already used by tens of millions of website owners and WordPress blog users. So it’s a great platform to build websites on.

However one problem is the fact that it’s not that easy to use WordPress meta tags straight out of the box, but there are several SEO plugins you can install to solve this issue.

Two popular options include the “All In One SEO Pack” and the ever popular “Yoast SEO” plugin, and both provide plenty of additional SEO benefits to help your website gain traction in the search engines.

Now in the following step by step ‘WordPress meta tags video we show you where to add the meta data but more importantly how you should word your titles and descriptions. Remember that your meta information will be seen on the search engine listings so it’s important to write them in such a way that motivates internet users to click on your site.

Top SEO tips – Improve your search engine score and this will result in an increase in the number of customers to your website.

If you don’t have a WordPress website we have an alternative video just for you here

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Wordpress Meta Tags Video Tutorial

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Wordpress Images SEO Optimisation

Image 'alt tags' have always had some SEO value so it’s surprising to see how many people don’t bother to use them. Obviously, images play a key role in enhancing the look of most sites, and it doesn’t take much effort to add 'alt text' as we demonstrate in the next step by step video below.

First you will want to have done a little work in finding the right keywords to add to your 'alt text' - (see our beginners guide to keyword research). It’s also important to not use the same keyword in too many places. If you have lots of images on a webpage an easy way to get around this is to add slight variations of the same keyword term.

Once you have added in the 'alt text' to each image, your search engine optimisation score will increase and you will have a much better chance of  your pages ranking higher in the search engines.

If you don't have a Wordpress site you can visit this page to see an alt tags for SEO video just for HTML sites.

Image Alt Tags Video Tutorial

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