Easy keyword research for beginners

For those of you that don’t know, keywords are important on two levels. They help with SEO relevance but they also provide you with information on knowing how many people are likely to visit your website when you target that specific keyword.

With free tools like the “Google keyword tool” we can get a good estimate of how many searches are performed each month for any given keyword. We can also focus our attentions on specific geography which is great when you have a branch of your business located in a specific area. After all there’s no point in finding out how many searches there are in Scotland when your business and customers are located in the South East.

To make the keywords even more relevant you can add locations to your actual keywords to make them even more targeted. If you can’t decide which main keywords to start with first, put yourself in the mind of the user and think about the kinds of products or services they might be looking for which relate to your business.

Check out the FlycastMedia video below and you will see what we mean.

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