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Bring Customers Back To Your Business

If you are concerned about your conversion rates and wondering how to reconnect with B2B website visitors who didn’t make a purchase, you are thinking in the right direction. B2B customers are notorious for taking their time before committing to a purchase. It may well take several visits to your site before a decision is made.

Your successful Google Ads search campaign may well have hooked them in the first time but now you need a remarketing strategy that will bring them back again to generate sales.

Google retargeting (also known as Google remarketing) is one of the best ways to make sure this happens.

Retargeting ads is the perfect way to keep your presence in front of people who have already investigated your brand because it allows you to discreetly track this existing audience and concentrate your advertising spend on them.

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It would be great wouldn’t it? if you could make sure your adverts tracked previous visitors across the web and appeared on other sites they are using. Well with the cookies generated with Google Ads remarketing, you can do just that. Here’s how it works.

Google Remarketing

  • You set up a Google Ads tag through the Google Ads Audience Manager
  • You make sure the remarketing tag is installed on your website
  • You check the tag is working using the Google Tag Assistant

It sounds simple doesn’t it but as with all Google Ads techniques, there are some tricks of the trade to learn and there are certain retargeting tactics which you need to get right in order to maximise your ROI. We have some top tips for you.

Plan Your Campaigns: Are You Retargeting The Right Audience?

For a Google retargeting campaign that maintains high quality trackable traffic, set up your remarketing to reach visitors who originally arrived through previous paid advertising. These prospects will have already been attracted to something in your offering; display remarketing is your opportunity to build on this and get the right message to the right audience segment.

When it comes to audiences, the great thing about Google remarketing is that it allows you to create segments based on population data. From this population data we can extract valuable, usable information. For example, if you are running a spa event at your boutique hotel, you might want to create an audience from people who searched for, ‘spa breaks south east’ but didn’t book.

The Google retargeting work doesn’t end when you have selected your audience. You need to make sure that the landing page for this audience shares the right information to clinch the deal. Work out what this very specifically targeted audience will be looking for and you will be onto a winner.

Review Your Remarketing Strategy: Are You Tagging The Right Pages?

Once you have the right audience, you need to make sure that your Google remarketing campaign takes them straight to the page most likely to bring about a conversion. You should already know which of your website pages are generating the best leads, so if lead generation is your aim, it makes sense to tag these pages.

If you are more focused on increasing sales, you might choose to tag your pages with the best selling history. By making sure you tag pages that are appropriate to your marketing needs you will be directing your Google retargeting towards an audience who are already open to suggestion and comfortable with your brand. In other words, you are more likely to see a good ROI on your marketing output.

Tailor Your Retargeting Copy: Have You Adjusted Your Keywords?

Just as in your original Google Ads campaign, keywords will play a major part in the success of your remarketing campaign. You already have some success information available so make use of that.

Look for keywords that have brought in a high click-through rate because they have already done a good job of attracting visitors but then focus even deeper and find those keywords that have resulted in low conversion. The interested but not yet converted audience is going to be your best bet for future conversions.

One of the big advantages of Google retargeting is that, with an already refined audience, you can take a broader approach to keyword selection. Lets go back to the spa hotel as an example.

If you are used to using longer keyword terms such as ‘spa days in Essex’ or ‘spa massage deals’, within your Google Ads marketing campaign, when it comes to remarketing you need to take a broader approach and go for, ‘spa days’ or ‘spa hotels’ to make sure your ad gains a decent click-through-rate.

Cover All The Legal Remarketing Bases: Is Your Privacy Policy Up To The Job?

If you engage in retargeting activities, don’t forget to take your data protection responsibilities seriously and include updated information about this in your privacy policy. It is important to be really clear about how you gather and how you intend to use visitor information. Google’s guidelines on privacy policies for remarketing are very specific about which messages you need to share and how you need to communicate opt-out options.

Protect Your Brand’s Good Name: Where Don’t You Want Your Ads To Appear?

Your efforts to set up a killer retargeting campaign are going to be wasted if your adverts appear on a site that doesn’t fit with your brand or, worst still, is offensive to your target audience. You can prevent this from happening by setting up site category options.

You should definitely select to avoid sensitive content such as crime and death but you might also want to consider avoiding placement on pages such as forums or error pages as these will contain low quality content. Another area of exclusion that might be worth considering is below-the-fold placement as this is less likely to be read.

When you are considering ad placement exclusions for Google remarketing, it is important to remember that the impact of your campaign will come from tracking user behaviour rather than site relevance. By excluding too many types of placement you may end up missing out on potential conversions. Consider your audience, consider your brand, and make sure your ad placement is careful rather than over pedantic.

Get Outstanding Results From Your Google Remarketing Campaign

One of the very best things about Google retargeting is that you can operate it on a number of levels. We have given you some key tips above but there are plenty of other, specialist tactics that your competitors may well already be using. These include:

  • Making full use of the Google Display Network
  • Tapping the power of frequency capping
  • Segmenting audiences by their previous actions
  • Making the best use of Google custom intent audiences
  • Customising messages to specific audiences
  • Maximising impact through campaign testing

If you want to see outstanding results on all of your Google Ads marketing or are looking for expert help with your Google retargeting strategy, you have come to the right place. With over 26 years experience in marketing businesses, we know how to drastically increase your sales. Contact us today to get proven ROI on all your paid advertising campaigns.

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