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Paid Search Advantages

With the world moving online and some marketing budgets shrinking, more businesses are considering advertising options that offer high efficiency for a relatively low cost. With it’s precisely targeted audience reach; the benefits of pay per click advertising are really attractive. PPC is so effective in terms of budget, ad placements and targeting; it would be a mistake to ignore it. We take a look at 10 crucial benefits of PPC advertising for small businesses in the UK.

Why Use PPC Advertising?

For something that gets such great results, pay-per-click or PPC advertising is a simple concept. Your adverts appear on strategically selected websites or search results, and you only pay for them when a prospective customer clicks on them. There are different ways to utilise PPC but Google Ads presents the most common option.

This simple concept becomes far more intricate when you take into account its ability to provide hyper-targeted audience access. With PPC this works through paid search ads, display advertising and remarketing. Getting the balance of this exactly right is a job for the experts, but if you're responsible for SME marketing, it can really help to understand the benefits of PPC before you start.

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PPC Gives You Access To Exactly The Right Audience

A few years ago if someone said they could put your marketing in front of vast new audiences, all of whom were already interested in your product, you would have laughed at them. One of the main advantages of PPC has to be that it does exactly that. Whether your marketing success depends on location, demographics, keywords, or even all three, your PPC campaign can be tweaked to give you a super-impressive degree of precision.

Pay Per Click Keeps Your Business Agile

Never before has the business world had to react so quickly to rapidly changing circumstances. Between the coronavirus pandemic and Brexit, keeping your business on its toes is more important than ever. A great benefit of Pay Per Click advertising is that it gives instant results. As soon as your ad campaign is set up, your ads will be in front of an audience that is in need of, or actually looking for the solution you’re offering. There simply isn’t another marketing option that offers this kind of speed.

PPC Will Drive Traffic To Your Existing Content

PPC doesn’t take an ‘either-or’ approach to marketing. Instead it works seamlessly with your existing digital content. Even the best marketing content is only as good as the number of visitors it reaches. PPC and high-quality content are the perfect digital marketing team. PPC delivers visitors to your website then your content takes over, engages your audience, establishes you as a thought-leader, and achieves that much-sought-after conversion.

PPC Is Completely Measurable And Trackable

This one’s perhaps the real PPC advertising golden advantage. If you’ve found it tricky in the past to justify your marketing spend, or tie results down to a single campaign, you’ve come to the right place. For example highly detailed analytics is one of the main benefits of Google Ads. Google’s dominant analytics power allows you to shape your business success strategy, through customised and comprehensive reporting.

Price Per Click Boosts Brand Awareness

Marketing is all about getting visibility for your products or services. The competition for that all important brand awareness is fierce but reaching new users and letting them know what you’re about is key to advertising success. One of the crucial PPC benefits is that it pushes your brand directly in front of interested or investigating audiences, in a strategic and targeted manner. Not only that, PPC can help you ensure ongoing brand loyalty far more quickly than some of your potential competitors.

PPC Allows You To Set A Spending Limit

When budgets are tight it can be disconcerting to lay out a large marketing spend without knowing how effective it is going to be. Pay per click takes the guesswork out of this with a limited daily ad spend and the promise of absolutely zero unexpected bills. With PPC you can start small or adjust your spend to fit in with key occasion or finance parameters.

Global Or Local, PPC Has Got It Covered

Although PPC has massive potential for targeted global reach, it’s important to remember that a key ppc advantage is its ability to directly impact regional or hyper-local markets. With the think-local mindset moving up the marketing agenda, pay per click ads allow you to become a key player when it comes to the local supply chain.

Conversions And PPC Go Hand In Hand

We all know that the visitors most likely to convert are those looking for specific solutions. By providing those solutions within your PPC directed content or more overtly in your ads themselves, you’ll be giving potential customers the results they’re looking for, and the perfect reason to spend. By adopting a purchase intent strategy, you can really maximise the return on each click you pay for.

PPC Is Super Agile

It’s not just changing markets that might affect your advertising priorities. One overlooked benefit of PPC is that it allows you to examine the success of campaigns and change tack almost immediately if necessary. Whether you are looking for sales, subscriptions or leads, by analysing detailed results and marketing data from individual campaigns, you can adapt to maximise your ROI as often as you want to.

PPC Helps You Get Smart With Retargeting

Let’s face it; you’re not going to get a first view purchase from every single user who clicks on your ads but what if you could continue to target that user as they progress across the web? PPC retargeting allows you to do exactly that. If their first click has sparked their interest, subsequent exposure might be just what is needed to secure that sale. Retargeting ensures your ads reappear on different web pages as your unconverted user moves around the web.

As your markets evolve, so does PPC. What you need most for a really successful PPC ad campaign is expert knowledge. Something we have in abundance. With years of successful campaign management behind us and a keen eye on developing trends, we can keep your ad campaign working for you, and ahead of your competitors. Contact us today to see how we can manage your website more effectively.

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