It’s Not Just About Google And Facebook – Ultimate Guide To The Best PPC Network Alternatives

Last time you thought about PPC advertising networks, the two that jumped to mind were probably Google and Facebook, but there are plenty of other options available. This is an expanding market and new platforms are popping up all the time to join those that are established but maybe not so well known.

Expertly crafted PPC advertising gives you direct access to potential customers, and drives sales but you might be making a big mistake by limiting the number of advertising networks you use. Less prominent networks still generate tens of millions in sales, and can be particularly competitive when it comes to cost.

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We recommend a regular revamp of your PPC marketing, and have listed ten examples of the best PPC network alternatives to Facebook and Google which will get you thinking.

PPC Advertising Networks


Bing Ads

If you are looking for one or more PPC advertising networks that operates in a similar way to Google then Bing Ads might be just up your street. There were 4.54 billion internet users as of 2020 and more than 800 million unique global visitors using the Bing search engine. The Ads platform also gives you access to the Yahoo and AOL networks so it is easy to see why this is already a popular alternative to Google Ads.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn has the obvious advantage of giving you access to highly targeted and active business audiences. The LinkedIn community is a vibrant one and its professional users are there because they value networking and information. Tap into that via LinkedIn’s three different available formats, and you will find yourself reaping the benefits.

Twitter Ads

Twitter isn’t everyone’s favourite social platform but Twitter Ads does offer a few clear advantages when it comes to PPC marketing. One of its key attractions is the pay for performance model, where advertisers only pay if their desired action, for example a conversion or app installation occurs. Twitter Ads are highly targetable with impressive options for keyword targeting, and remarketing via engagement with previous Tweets.

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Quora Advertising

Quora is an interesting option for PPC because of its question and answer format. It is a knowledge-based platform frequented by industry experts and other professionals whose level of expertise attracts people with a genuine interest in specific solutions. This give Quora Ads access to a highly targeted and already seeking audience.

If you are interested in accessing a range of platforms, this might be just the right alternative PPC network for you. have been around for a while and can offer high quality traffic for less spend than you might expect find on other, more popular networks. If you are looking for improved cost per click alongside access to video and social networks, you may well find it here.


When it comes to finding the optimal match between advertisers and publishers, Bidvertiser claim to be the specialists. Their platform runs on in-house machine learning technology. One major advantage of Bidvertiser to the advertiser is the ability to bid to place adverts on specific websites. This allows you to bring up conversion rates by honing in on a closely targeted market segment.

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Not strictly speaking a PPC network, BuySellAds is one of the big players in the world of display ad networks. Part of their popularity with publishers is down to their high level of flexibility with multiple options for preferences. This popularity means they can offer websites in a large range of niches, including some that are exclusive to BuySellAds.

Pin Advertising

When it comes to PPC advertising, Pinterest has all the advantages of other social networks with the added bonus of its lifestyle focus. Lifestyle browsing often brings with it a very high intent to spend, and this is where the advantage of Pin Advertising can really be felt. This is a platform where innovation really works so be prepared to get creative.

Verizon Media

Formerly known as Oath, Verizon Media are a high-end player with an impressive client portfolio. They offer a holistic approach to campaign management, which includes enhanced in-ad experiences, robust targeting strategies and native display options. Verizon is a full-funnel buying platform that allows for omni channel user experiences.


AdRoll utilises retargeting technology to pull back previous visitors to your website. Retargeting is a strategy whereby relevant ads appear as target customers move from site to site. With 37,000+ growing brands, AdRoll works with the major e-commerce platforms, and combines their own data with yours to draw in customers with high likely interest in your brand.

Try Different PPC Advertising Networks

PPC campaigns have many advantages over inbound marketing. These include increased scalability and faster results. If you have tried Google Ads or Facebook Ads and found they just aren’t giving you the results you’re looking for,  then consider trying some alternative PPC advertising networks listed above, or seek expert advice from our PPC team about your campaigns.

The right networks for your business are out there but which ones they are will depend on multiple considerations including your offering, target audience and niche. Successful PPC advertising requires a blended approach that includes, amongst other elements, landing page optimisation, a defined sales funnel and brand personality.

Expert PPC Advice

Even if you just focus on one PPC advertising network, running a successful account takes time as well as expertise. Once campaigns have been set up, they will only maintain maximum efficiency through a regularly routine of analysis, maintenance and adjustment.

If you want to reach that PPC advertising nirvana of top results for low spend, it may well be time to call in the experts. Contact us today to get proven ROI with your paid advertising campaign.

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