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What We Can Do For You?

PPC management allows you to market via paid search, directly to your selected audience. It is a fast and highly targetable form of advertising that enables you to direct your marketing spend towards interested consumers at exactly the moment they are most likely to purchase. Flycast is a specialist PPC agency, our consultants craft bespoke, cost effective advertising campaigns that bring in direct and impressive results every time.

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Digital Marketing Success

Once set up, the PPC model is simple; you bid for ad placement in sponsored links, and you only pay when someone clicks on them. This sounds ideal but we all know that clicks aren’t the same thing as conversions. By employing the services of an experienced PPC specialist, you can make sure, through careful targeting and in-depth keyword knowledge, that you will not only win your bid for ad placement but also enhance each click’s opportunity to gain a conversion.

"A fast and highly targetable form of advertising"

The PPC Specialists

Our PPC consultant team has been in the online marketing business for over 26 years. We understand the constraints of marketing budgets and the requirements of spending less to gain more. By fine-tuning your pay per click campaign and putting your business needs first, we will perfect your PPC campaigns to improve visit quality and generate impressive sales. More importantly, we will do all this within your marketing budget.

PPC Platforms

Talk about pay per click and most people will think about Google Ads but there are a number of other PPC platforms available, for example Bing Ads. At Flycast our advertising consultants understand this and how different PPC networks might suit your niche, and benefit your business.

For example, if you are targeting the B2B market, Google Adwords management might be complemented by access to LinkedIn’s dynamic and receptive business audiences. Our PPC consultants will work your organisation’s unique requirements into each and every campaign for impressive and money saving results.

"We understand the requirement of spending less to gain more."

Different Types Of PPC

Each type of PPC advertising gives you the opportunity to make accurate assessments about the success of individual campaigns. Different categories of PPC work in slightly different ways. You are probably familiar with search ads but at Flycast we can also demonstrate the advantages of highly targetable display ads, ecommerce friendly shopping ads and information loaded video ads. What’s more, our PPC consultant team can recommend the right combination to get your ads in front of the right people at exactly the right time.

Working With A Google Ads Consultant

If you are looking to increase your marketing ROI then working with a Google Ads or AdWords consultant makes perfect sense. At Flycast we can not only help you pinpoint your target audience, we can also make sure your paid ads appear on their screens at the optimum moment for conversion. No other online marketing is as accurate, adaptable and accountable as pay per click campaigns in the hands of our expert PPC consultants.

Get The Best Results

Ready to gain more conversions for a much lower digital marketing spend? Take a closer look at our case studies or see what our clients have to say about us here.

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