With over 3.95 Billion people now using social media (that's more than half the planet) having a social media presence to build your brand nowadays is a vital step towards business success

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Build Your Brand On Social Media

By building a great social media presence for your brand, you create not only visibility but also vital community connections. When it comes to brand building, a strong online presence has to be the most important item in your marketing toolkit.

However, the online world is a competitive one, and working out how to use social media effectively can seem complicated. If you want to see your brand pull ahead of rivals, you need to understand not only how to build a social media following but also how to use social media for business success. We have 20 social media marketing tips for you.

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Understand Your Goals

If time is money, building your brand through social media presence can be expensive. Before you start, make sure your social media strategy is closely aligned with your business and marketing goals.

Work Out What Your Audience Needs

By checking out which types of content your target audience shares, which accounts they follow, and how they engage over social media, you will be better placed to meet their requirements.

Pick The Right Platforms

Whilst multi-channel is good, it can also get complicated. Ideally content should be tailored to suit each platform. Focus on platforms that are either frequented by your customers, or super relevant to your audience.

If you're focused on B2B networking the most obvious option would be to utilise Linkedin which now have more than 770 million business professionals and organisations in 200+ countries.

To get started on LinkedIn we've created a quick step guide to setting up your LinkedIn company page.

Develop A Social Media Strategy

An effective social media strategy will allow you to integrate your posts with the rest of your marketing activity. At the bare minimum your strategy should outline goals, audience demographics, target metrics, and evaluation criteria.

Use Your Clickable Links Wisely

Making sure you link effectively between your website and social media will help with your brand-building strategy. Different platforms have different link permissions but tools such as Linktr.ee can give you more flexibility.

Be Consistent

Consistency is definitely one of the key social media tips. Both your branding and your messaging need to be consistent across all your platforms and websites. Creating a set of brand guidelines, posting regularly, and repurposing your own content will help establish this plan of action.

Reach Out To Existing Contacts

A large social media presence requires a large social media audience but building numbers can take time. Maximise your opportunities by making sure your social streams are mentioned in all your communications. Don't be shy about this. Asking for follows rarely offends, and often encourages.

Be Human

Some people are nervous about interacting with a social media presence, but by being sociable and authentic when you make online connections, you will allow the human aspects of your business to shine through.

Showcase Your Personality

We’re all more likely to spend money if we like the people we're dealing with. If you want to use social media effectively, you need to make sure everybody is having a good time. Being the perfect host, demonstrating your sense of humour, and showcasing your passion will all help towards this.

Actively Engage

The smartest brand building in the world won't bring in the best results without meaningful connections. In order to develop these you need to comment, like, share, follow, and mention your followers (aka potential clients), and other businesses related to the industy/niche.

Be Helpful

Offering help and information via your social media presence doesn't just endear you to potential customers; it sets you up as an authority figure. Impressing your audience with your knowledge and responsiveness will definitely stand you in good stead when it comes to sales and recommendations.

Share Your Reviews

Good or not so good, your customer reviews are evidence that your business is credible and active. Share highlights of positive reviews to showcase your customer satisfaction levels but don't shy away from negative feedback. Instead, use your responses to demonstrate excellent customer service, and positive end results.

Use Curated As Well As Original Content

Curated content is a system of combining your own commentary with existing content previously posted by other users. Examples might include research, images, videos or even just ideas. Done well content curation can expand your repertoire, demonstrate your understanding of on-topic matters, and save you time.

Schedule Posts To Suit Your Audience

Once you understand your audience you'll see they have different needs. By scheduling your social media posts in advance, you will be able to ensure a consistently effective online presence, at the same time as spreading the appeal of your posts. Last minute posts are best avoided as they can lead to typos, social faux pas, and embarrassing errors.

Dedicate Time Daily

Keeping your social media presence pertinent, fresh and engaging requires commitment and enthusiasm. Scheduling tools can make this less time consuming but a daily look is still really important. Use it to check brand messaging, respond to comments, and take a peek at the previous day's metrics.

Go For Visual Impact

In the world of inbound marketing, visual content is king, and perhaps never more so than in your social media posts. Visual impact doesn't just cause new visitors to notice you; it helps them remember you, and gives them a good reason to follow you.

Make The Most Of Trending Topics

Trending social media topics have two big advantages. High visibility and guaranteed interest. They also have major pitfalls. Used too often or inappropriately, trends might alienate some customers. If you want to follow trends, do your research carefully, and make sure the topic is coherent with your brand messages and personality.

Consider Paid Services

If you really want your social media presence to shine, you should consider leveraging paid strategies to enhance your organic results. Social media ads can be precisely targeted via a range of demographics, and bring in an impressive ROI. The same applies for influencer marketing, which gives your marketing campaigns additional exposure and recognition through other people's social presence.

Keep An Eye On The Metrics

There are plenty of social media analytics tools out there so it makes sense to take advantage of the metrics they deliver. By breaking down the impact of your social media activity into numbers, you can find out what hasn't gone to plan, and what you need to do more of.

Learn From Your Mistakes

Even the top social media marketing professionals make mistakes. Most of us work in volatile markets with unpredictable ebbs and flows, and our social media presence needs to be able to flex with the times. What appeals to your audience one day might turn them off the next. A confident marketer will welcome mistakes as learning points. Examine what has happened, make apologies if necessary, then adjust your strategy and move forward.

Getting It Right

Working out how to build a social media following, then keeping on top of your online presence will take up a fair amount of your time. The 20 social media marketing tips above will make a difference but if time really is against you, our personal social specialists are eager to help.

Our award winning combination of digital know-how expertise and smart software applications deliver cutting edge social media services. All of which allow you to target and incentivise users to suit your requirements. Contact us today to see how we can manage your social media more effectively.

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